Dear friends,

Bisexual and transgender communities have a long and deep history of allyship and solidarity. Bisexual transgender people have stood at the forefront of the struggle for LGBTQIA+ rights: at Stonewall, at Pride, and in leadership positions in organizations and legislative bodies across the world.

Today, as transgender, cisgender, and nonbinary representatives of the bisexual, pansexual, fluid, and non-monosexual community, we are here to reaffirm that relationship and to show that we stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the trans community.

Vitriol and hate directed against the trans community proliferates in the press and online and fuels real world violence against trans individuals. We cannot allow it to continue any longer.

Recent statistics from Stonewall UK confirm that many trans people feel uncomfortable existing in public spaces because of fear of harassment or violence. This is an indictment of all of us. We must all do our utmost to crush transphobia and strive for radical trans acceptance.

Bisexual trans people are one of the most vulnerable demographics within the LGBTQIA+ community, particularly in terms of the rates of sexual violence. Trans and nonbinary people of colour especially, are incredibly vulnerable to rape and sexual assault. Our commitment against transphobia must be mindful of the ways it intersects with other marginalisations; especially racism, classism, misogyny, and ableism.

We see the wedge that some sections of the LGBTQIA+ community and their supporters are trying to drive between cisgender gay, lesbian, and bisexual people and our trans and nonbinary siblings and we refuse to allow them to succed.

It was not long ago that bisexual people were not welcome under the rainbow umbrella. Even today, we face significant biphobia from both within the LGBTQIA+ community and outside it. But we refuse to be silenced. We refused to allow biphobes to take our community backwards and exclude any member of the rainbow family and we refuse to let transphobes do the same.

The rhetoric of transphobia is driven by hate. It is hate not just for trans and nonbinary people but for all of us. We reject this divisive rhetoric and stand strong with our trans and nonbinary siblings. We stand with cisgender lesbian and gay trans allies, also.

We see those who seek to divide us dominating the conversation and we say ‘enough’. Our unity is our power. We will not be cowed.

Trans people are valued and vital members of the bisexual community and we will not let hateful people divide us. We must continue to speak out for and support trans people of all walks of life.

The trans flag was created by Monica Helms after being inspired by the creator of the bisexual flag Michael Page, and we will always be proud to fly them together.

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Signed in solidarity,

Lois Shearing – Founder, Bi Survivors Network and #DoBetterBiUs

Libby Baxter-Williams – Director, Biscuit

Pip Williams – Copywriter, My Kid Is Gay and Freelance Journalist

Charlie Mathers – Engagement Officer, Gay Star News/Influencers Coordinator at Pride in London

John G. – Organiser, London Bisexuals Meetup Group

Beth Oliver

Emily Burt

Mike Jury

Karen Pollock – Psychotherapist/ Diversity and Inclusion Lead, Bi Pride UK

Peter Herold – Bisexual activist

Ron J Suresha – Bisexual activist and author

Tess B

Tess Brooks – Bisexual counsellor

Jon Ribbens – Bisexual activist

Richie O’Hara-Beamand

Jack Dover

Marta Croche Trigo – Member, Mount Vernon High School Diversity Club

Frank Thies – Founder, Bi & Friends HH

Hafsa QureshiStonewall Bi Role Model of the Year 2019

Theresa Enghardt – Bisexual activist

Rachel Hallows – Bi rep, NHS Lothian LGBT+ Staff Network

Arianna CeraoloBiFamlies

Silvia CarugoBproud, la voce del lato Bi

Jane Wallace – Researcher and Independent Scholar

Carissa Nicole Winn

Shannon Aber 

Sally Goldner AM – Diversity Educator/Treasurer, Bisexual Alliance Victoria/Executive Director Transgender Victoria

Chris Bee – Support worker

Dominic Arnall – Memeber, London Bi Network

Rosie Nelson – University of Bristol PhD, Researcher of Bisexuality

Nevo Zisin – Trans & bi activist

Dominic Arnall – Head of Programme Management,Time to Change/ memeber, London Bi Network

Julie Cohen – Author/founder, Romantic Novelists’ Association Rainbow Chapter

Vaneet – Writer, producer and activist

Robin GoodwinScottish Bi+ Network

Lorna WardScottish Bi+ Network

Jax Jacki Brown – LGBTIQ Disability Rights Activist

Katie Sutton   

Anne Ramsden

Misty Farquhar – Founder, Bisexual+ Community Perth

Caitlin Walsh

Julia Butler – Co-organizer, LGBTQ Anime Austin

Evan Slash Reed Peterson – Activist/Co-Editor, Bisexual Books

Bi Pride UK

George Alabaster – Co-chair, Stonewall’s Bi Network

Diana Adams – Executive Director, Chosen Family Law Center, Inc.

Jai Deo

Maggie Woodward – Director, Denton Deviants

Larker Anthology

Jen Yockney MBE – Editor, Bi Community News

Beth Sherouse, PhD – Bisexual writer and advocate

Danielle Mustarde

BiBerlin e.V.

Madeline Seel – Bi activist/founder, bisexual advice and resource blog gettin-bi-bi-bi

Emily G

Hana S. – VP, Queer student association

Jenn Hilema

Emily Wright  – BiPhoria

Manchester Sharks LGBT Water Polo Club – Bi-inclusive sports club

Jennie Rigg – Chair, LGBT+ Lib Dems

Luke Graham

Olly Craven  

Alisdair Calder McGregor – Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate/ member of the LibDems Federal Policy Committee/FPC liaison, LGBT+LDs

Andy Hinton

Richard Gadsden – Parliamentary candidate, Liberal Democrats

Sydney Bi+ Network   

Luigi FerrerSouth Florida Bisexual+ Network (SFBN+)


Faith Cheltenham – Independent Black bi and intersex liberty worker


Lynnette McFadzen


Holly Matthies – Bisexual activist/volunteer, Biphoria

Martin Rawlings-Fein – Co-Director, Bay Area Bisexual Network/Board Member, BiNet USA

Catherine S Goodacre

Calum Shepherd – Co-Founder, Scottish Bi+ Network

Cat Telford – Activist, feminist and human rights campaigner

Kerry RushPositive Change Arts Projects

Lyndsay Thomson

Graeme Thomson – Chair, Friends of Cumbernauld’s Stations

Gillian Thomson

Nic Bullen – Co-Chair, Stonewall’s Bi Network Group/Grants Manager, Stonewall

Sara Walsh

Daniel Holt   

Angela Anderson – Committee Member, Bi+ Glasgow

Nico Gomez – Bi Writer/Creator, reFAB Magazine

Ralf Eckstein – Board Member, Bisexuelles Netzwerk e.V.

Donna Reynolds – Committee Member, Bi+ Glasgow

John Bennett – Committee Member, Bi+ Glasgow

Christie Mackie

Leona Buchanan

Dawn Wilson – Coordinator, Clydebank High School LGBTQ+ Committee/ Trade union activist

Molly Maher – Senior Campaigns Officer, Stonewall

Melanie Murphy

Jaspreet Tehara   

Hollie Wong

Erica Hall

Beate König

Laura Russell – Director of Campaigns, Policy and Research, Stonewall

Marcus Morgan  – Chair, The Bisexual Index

Inga B  – Development Council Member, Stonewall

Hilde Vossen – Coordinator, European Bisexual Network for Activists

Further signed by:

Ingo KelmesActivist of BiGroup Cologne uferlos e.V.
Bi+ GeorgiaLead Organizer at Bi+ Georgia
AmberCo-organiser of Sheffield Bisexual and Pansexual Social Group
LHL SteneBi+ and LGBT+ campaigner, Sheffield
Allison ZiontsBi Activist and Researcher
Libby Darbyshire-BrownInterim Secretary – PLEXUS
Bianca SommerlandBi author of queer books
Joanne Alice BrownBi sexual transgender woman
Amy C-DBi person, trans ally
Alexia Pepper de CairesFeminist activist, bi woman & trans ally
Irene DovalBi person and Trans ally
Hilary PhelanBi/pan person
Tine SBi person
Jane CBi person
R. CroninBi, cis, trans ally
Mx Jay HarleyNon binary and bisexual
Jenni BickerdykeBisexual trans ally
Ruth DaviesBi person and trans ally
Erin EkinsQueer autistic author and activist
Carrey HlustikBi person and trans ally
Hannah-Rose TristramLeader of GLOW Choir Brighton. Bi Person and ally to Trans and NB people.
Raffaele Yona LaduDeputy chairman of Lieviti – Bi, Pan and Queer People in Italy
Sandra EhnePresident of RFSL
Ade CouperBi person & trans ally
Caroline GraceQueer, bi & cis but most of all a trans ally.
Kathryn PadgettBi woman, trans ally
Osnat KatzBisexual cis person
Abigail KayChair of Bi Pride UK
Reeja Sarai
Carlos CastañoFELGTB (Spanish LGTB Federation)
Dani EadieBisexual, cis, feminist, trans ally
C LushTrans ally
dev holmesally
Kate HarradHead of London BiFest and editor of Purple Prose: Bisexuality in Britain
Sabrina Warda bisexual person
Emily AttwoodLesbian ally
Kestrel W
Carly McNamarabisexual agender person
Rogelio RodriguezBi person
MarinaTrans ally
Eduard MrvaBi Centrum (Slovakia)
ChiaraA Bi and Enby person
Eve FridayNo person
Nimue BrownSigning in queer solidarity!
HollaBi and Trans person
Meaghan HoldenBi person
Chloe scalingBi person and trans ally
Pete McAllister
Chiara CapraroBi person and Trans ally
Sarah Carter
frejaa lil bi girl
Donovan Bowker
Eleanor BlairCisgender Bi Trans Ally
Lynne PhillipsBi person
Ronete CohenThe Rainbow Couch
Matthew BurtonBi person and Trans ally
Sam CamplingBi person
Steve Smith
L HipwellBi and Beyond Edinburgh
Samantha PattenBi and Trans person
Lisa James
Stan LucasTrans Entertainment Network
Louise Penman
BethanyBi girl and Trans Ally
Dian Grace
Benjamin PerkinsBi person & Trans ally
Aslan Herzen-KenwardTrans male, genderqueer, and bisexual human
Ozzy BeckAlly to both
Grant Denkinson
Sadie SlaterBi person and trans ally
ABi and nonbinary
Kelly KeckBi person and trans ally
Sam CooperBi trans ally
Zayna RattyChair of OxFriend, GSRD Psychotherapist, Stonewall PoC & Schools Role Model
Rachel KrengelBisexual feminist activist and Trans Ally
Sinéad WrightBi person, trans ally
Heron GreenesmithLawyer, researcher, Great Big Bi™️
Abbie Williams
James BroughBi Polyam person & Trans ally
Dave CoatesBi person & trans ally
Eleanor Thomas
Katie BoydenBisexual person and trans ally
Anita DolmanBi writer
Gemma Peters
Andrew RitchieBi person and Trans Ally
Tangela Roberts, PhDBisexual activist and researcher
Stephen HarveyAn organizer of Bi Arts Festival, Toronto
Sophie Duncan ShepherdTrans ally
Sophie Duncan ShepherdTrans ally
Ely NongTransgender and Bi ally
Madeline BrodtQueer person
Callum RobertsonLiberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Clacton
Sharan DhaliwalEditor of Burnt Roti magazine
Rosie ClarkBisexual Babe
Agnieszka PixiBi person
Scott PimpsnerBi Person & Trans ally
OliverBi and Transman
Joss C. PérezBisexual and Trans Nonbinary. Administración de STOP Bifobia
Ryan ColeBi ally
Alex Lawrence
OzNon-binary Bisexual person
AmyBi person and trans ally
Vicky AyechTrans ally
Sam GBi person and Trans ally
Joe Brook
Chiara Fantozzi
Lucy PedrickBi person and Trans ally
Valeria De NataleBi person and Trans ally
Vera NavarriaBi person
Mariana SantanaTrans ally
Becki CrossleyBi person, trans ally and LGBTQ+ journalist
Lx Motley
Nadia A.Non-binary bi ace person
NaomiVice Chair of Brum Bi Group
Jo t
EdithA (formerly gay) bi cis woman
Charlotte MillerBi and trans ally
Jo tBi person
Eric EngestromBi, trans, and ally to the rest of the community.
AnnachiaraBi person and trans ally
MadelineBi person and trans ally
Monstrous Regiment Team (Ellen and Lauren)Directors Monstrous Regiment Publishing Ltd
Selma uit GoudaSolidair Bi-persoon uit Nederland
Apurva DesaiBi person
Phoebe MyersSt. Mungo’s
Sally-Anne BeverleyDoctoral Researcher in Bi women’s experiences of violence
Deb CurnockTrustee, Journey MCC Church, Birmingham, proud bisexual
Melantha ChittendenCo-Chair of LGBT Labour
Lauren DaviesBisexual person and Trans ally
Arden LarkNon-binary polysexual person
Sara BeaNon binary Bi person
Rachel Megan BarkerCo-chair of LGBT Labour LDN & SE
Federica FrontedduBi non binary and Trans ally
Frank Rak
Jasmine AnderssonBi journalist
Ruchira Sharmabi person
Apurva D
DaniBi Mummy proud of her Trans son and friends
Chris SlaterBi chap and trans ally
Mel ReeveArchivist for Bi History
ShannonBi person
Alice Vattiato
Benj Eckfordown capacity
Alice MapleyTrans ally
James GrahamBi nobody
P.C. ViggenPan Person and Trans Ally
Simon TaylorBi person and Trans ally
Isobel CBi person
JessicaBi person
Sean HuntBi person and Trans ally
Ainara RuizBi transgender activist and feminist from Basque Country
R NielsenBi person
Kira Del MarBi person & trans ally
Andreapansexual person and Trans ally
Anna DarkBi person
Ash AlexanderBi trans man
Cass MacdonaldDiversity Officer, North Edinburgh and Leith Liberal Democrats
Zoë McKendree – women’s rights campaignerBi person & trans ally
Rosie McKennaBi Woman & Trans Ally
Sharon NolanCo-ordinator Bi+ Ireland
Donna Nadles NueTrans woman
Kate HillCis lesbian ally
C O’ConnellTrans Ally
RiderInBlackBi ally of all LGBTQ+
Johanna-Alice CookeTranswoman and bi-ally
Roisin BroganBi person and trans ally
Christy SeghiBi person and Trand ally
Caitlin McCulloughBisexual person, feminist activist
Sian EvansBi person
Ben HutchingsBi person and trans ally
Chase MiddaughBi person
Nicole KristalFounder of #StillBisexual
Kirsty JonesBi person and trans ally
Kerry Jo GreenBi woman & trans ally
Alexandra EscheBi person
Gilaine YoungPCS Union
Danielle McGuireFormer Secretary of Student Alliance For Equality – RMU
Sallie KimberleyBi woman
J. V. SpeyerAuthor and Bisexual Person
Teresa ClarkBi cis woman and aspiring trans ally
Eleanor WilsonBisexual cis woman and trans ally
Natàlia WuweiBi-Polysexual and NB
Nico LippeBi-Café Nijmegen
PaulaTrans ally
Franzi SauerweinBi Founder of Queer Code London
Sandra DicksonWellington Bisexual Women’s Group
EliCommittee member of TransPrideScotland 2019
Anne-Sophie HoffmoenBi person
sonia drytrans ally
KittensDPBi Person and Trans Allies
Michelle BirdBi person and Trans ally
LoisBi person and trans ally
Astrid OosenbrugBi person and Trans ally
Abbie BMBi person
Staci Dalgleish
Tristan HolmesBi and trans person
Joanne MasonTransgender
Louisa EastlandBisexual cis woman
Luci VirgoTransWoman
Charlotte SurleyBi person and trans ally
Helena de ReybekillBi person and Trans ally.
Sophie Yates LuSenior Programme Manager, Campaign Bootcamp
Josh JenkinsBi person and activist
Lauren Sabina KneislyBisexual and Radical Feminist (BARF) co-founder
FranTrans enby pan person
Sam WhyteBi Comedian and Trans ally
Mimey ReiBi person
Alejandro Sáez GonzalvoBi person and Trans ally
JessBi person
Chay Collins
Jonas HuBi transperson
Ian RoweBi/Pan person and Trans ally
Elinor PredotaBi+ activist
Zeynab PeyghambarzadehBoard Member at Spectrum
Meke BrownBi person and trans “accomplice”
Kishi Atlasa very loud and proud bi/trans person
Soudeh RadPresident of Spectrum
Jack Thomas
Beth McCannBI person and secretary of Calderdale Pride
Ruth BaileyProud Ally
Thom BirdA Cis Bi Dude
Sadie ClarkA Bisexual & Trans Ally
EvaBi Pansexual person & Trans ally
Sj TamsettBi person and Trans ally
Tracey HowardTrans ally
Amy LuettgenNon-binary bisexual and Trans ally!
Aurelio CastroUniversity of Padua PhD, Researcher of Bisexuality
Esdras CatariBi person
Jolene HarperBi/Trans person
FelipeBi person
EmmaBisexual Trans Woman
Chelsea SosiakBi person and Trans ally
owl tree whimsy
JJBi person
Jaime Schutter
Gemma GompertzBi person & trans ally
Sarah WilliamsonWarrington South CLP LGBT+ Officer
MeaganBi person and trans ally!
Jayne B SheaBi person & Trans ally
Rhian beamBi person, nonbinary trans person
AprilBisexual agender human
LéannBi person and trans ally
ElzeBi person and Trans ally
Amber PutkamerBi person and trans ally
Mad-dogsTrans person
Teek SpectrumBi NB person and Trans ally
Juliette DowlingBi person, trans ally, part-time professional bisexual
Jay Bloomfield

Bi person and trans ally
Rhiannon LewisBi person, trans ally
Edward Lord OBE JP
Olivia Bladen
Robyn YoungBi person and trans ally
Marie Kullenberg
Elizabeth ReiffLeader of Bi & Beyond
Witney SeiboldBi person and trans ally.
Christian DittrichBi person
Dorian clarkTrans Ally
Holly SearleBi Activist
Kathryn HydeBi person
Domenico Di ChieraBi person, Trans ally
PaulinaBi person and Trans Ally
Eloise Doehren-TierneyBi person and Trans ally
Rosie Tyler-GreigPolicy Manager, LGBT Health and Wellbeing
Tracy VincentBi person & Trans Ally
Lauren MurphyBi person and trans ally
Stella MellefontA Bisexual Person and Trans Ally
Jules parkinsson-thakeTrans ally
Kaisa HutchinsonBi cis woman/individual
KittyGender fluid bi person
Kat SBi person and trans ally
Alex Sarll
Manuel PerdomoBisexual writer and sociologist
Andrea SolomonBi person and Trans ally
Paulina HerrmannBi person
Rachael MooreCoordinator of the RainbowHouse Brussels
Todd McTrans ally
Lucinda Jones-AngoveQueer person and Trans ally.
Johanna MoserPan
Eva Jbi woman and trans ally
Elsie GreenwoodCo-chair of LGBT Labour Scotland
GageTrans poly pan nb
Juan de la Cruz Sánchez DomínguezI’m a very proud Bi Person and Trans Ally, and also one of the creators of the Twitter network Red Bisexual de Apoyo (Bisexual Support Network, in Spanish)
Matt CrockerMember of Sing Out Bristol
Annie HatleyBi Person and Trans Ally
Tom RobertsBisexual, Chair of Student Co-operative Homes
Tom BullockBi person
Darius WinshipPansexual
Wil MilesBi person & Trans ally
Gregory BBi person
Eve PhillipsBi person and trans ally
James Kenney
Chelsea Annett
Anna ClinganBisexual, forever a Trans ally
Andy ProctorBisexual
Claire SBi person and Trans ally
Jennifer HaytonBi Person
Georgie KayBi person and trans ally
RozBi person and Trans ally
Lizzy KellyBi person
Shannon JezzardBi person & trans ally
Dan CoveBi trans ally
Cathy Cordiner-Achenbach
Eva MateosBi person and Trans ally
Martha DaleBi Person and Trans Ally
Lyra DonahueTransgender & Bisexual person
AmberYour local friendly bisexual
Beky IrvingBi person/trans Ally
Minesh ParekhBi
jacob andersonBi God
Ben Lindsay
Mirna AlvarezBi person and Trans ally
Buzzkill SquadBi person, trans ally
Nathbi person and trans ally
Caleb ForwardMyself
Aéline P-C.Trans Bi girl
Jens Hallenberg
Molly AdamsBi person and trans ally
Rob FreemanBi person
Eric McAllisterBi person
Lucy AllardBi person & trans ally
Colm ShinnickBi Person, Trans Ally
umut erdem
Mary James
Isla WhateleyBelfast Pride volunteer and activist
BeccaBi Person and trans ally
Sarah TaylorTrans slly
Samuel CurtisBi person and Trans ally
Ruby Susan MountfordPresident of Melbourne Bisexual Network
Ruby HannBi person and Trans ally
Alex PBi Nb o!
Kate HicksBi activist and Trans ally
Daisy Payling
AkBi person and trans ally
NadineBi person and Trand ally
Irene MartínezBi person and trans ally
Ann Domoney
Heather PetoLGBT-Labour Transgender Officer
Marlene VegelahnBi Transwoman
Robert RBi person and trans ally
Frances HodgsonBi Cis woman. She/her
Dewayne SBi person
Isobel HousecroftBi person and Trans ally
LucyBi person and trans ally
Niamh FBi person and Trans ally
Harmony Heidi KuhlFriend of All
Nick BatleyBisexual human
Monroe StormLondon Bi Pandas
Ted BurgessBi person
Lacey George
Alexandria wetrrtt
Emily MolyneuxAlly
Amelia PBi gal
OliviaBi cis-woman and trans ally
Jenny WilsonBisexual trans ally and consent activist
Kellyann WolfeBi person
Sophia Brannan
Elizabeth H SutherlandBi person, trans ally
Paul Sugars
Christine BodenBi Person and MoJ LGBTQI Staff Network Chair
Cheyenne BlendellLGBTQ+ Social Perceptions Researcher/ Queer Indvidual/ Trans Ally
Sam GTrans ally
JasmineBi person and trans ally
Sali OwenBi activist and LGBTQIA community consultant
TJ ShopaNon-binary bisexual
Zayna RattyGSRD Psychotherapist, Chair of OxFriend , Stonewall Role Model
Omar ZamarripaBi person
WillA Bi Trans man
Vicky Berdugo
Luke EvansPan/Bi Person
Vincent T BassBi, genderfluid person
Dominic Abbott
Indigo MaughnPan/Trans ally
Miriam MirwitchBi person
In solidarity.Fire Sia – Co-Founder, Side B Philippines
John DaviesBi person and trans ally
Eloise HarrisLabour Party Activist
CameronBi guy
NonneNon binary – trans
Sean ConlonBi person and Trans ally
Ella MurphyBi person and trans ally
Juliette Schael
Matt HillTrans ally
Tegan ParishA bisexual person and trans ally
Lynsey-Jane GrayBi person, trans ally and feminist academic
Maria ClaraBisexual woman
Ellie JamesBi person who is ok x
Nyika SuttieA pansexual person and trans ally
BeckyBisexual woman
Julie OBi person
Paul Brown
LukeBi, Trans ally
Kimberley ScribeProud Bi person & Trans ally
RyanNon-binary bisexual and all round trans ally
James CBi person and trans ally
Niamh TaylorPotentially Bi person
Marianne DaviesBi person
Keiran O’NeillSecretary of LGBT Labour Scotland
Meg RossBi person and Trans ally
RichardBi person and trans ally
NK WalshBisexual person
Graeme WattsHappy bi trans ally
Adam ClarkeCommittee Member, LGBTIQA+ Greens
Isobel CoxBi person and Trans ally
Julie SmythBi person and Trans Ally!
Stephanie WoodcockBi/Pan woman
Abby RotheBi person and Trans ally
Laura Mee
Kayleigh MurphyBi person and trans ally
Nathalie DaniellBi person
Pierrette SquiresChair Bolton LGBT Partnership
Eliza LovelessBi person and Trans ally
Luke MyerNational Union of Students UK
Clare Stephenson-HunterKaliegh Murphy
Grizz LemusBisexual Transgender person
Rita IbbaBi person
Lottie DohertyBi person
Lottie Doherty
Atitia ChoparaBisexual and Transgender woman
GeorgieBi woman and trans ally
KadenEnby and Bi
Emily MetcalfeChair of Leeds Bi Group
Nikki CompsonBi person
Phillip Waldman
Barış AzarVolunteer , Young LGBTİ+ Association
Wickham ClaytonBi person and Trans ally

Domi S
Sonny TomsenTrans
Samuel W. JohnsonTrans person standing with his bi friends in return
BiT Bisessuali in ToscanaBi+ Collective in Tuscany
MariaBi+ activist and Trans* ally
Fay McConnellQueer woman and trans ally
Cat TBi person
Majid CapovaniBi and Trans person
Biron62Bisexual and lover of Transgender
Rebecca WilsonBi person, trans ally
Margo MilneBi person and Trans ally
Gemma Hallam
Lucy PalmerAlly to all LGBTQIA+
Matt MoirBi person who is also a trans ally
Brie KramerAlly
Lucy SheepPan person and trans ally
Elizabeth MacFarlane BrownBi person and Trans ally
Alex MallinsonBisexual bicycle
Elena A.Bi person
Rosie Strathearn BradyIndividual
Faye HeavnerBi identified trans ally
Fiona BruffBi person
Roy IsserlisTrans Ally
Drew DaltonBi person
Jackie Meeks
Claudia PandolfiBi person
Amy ShemwellBi person
Jasmin DayBi person and transs ally
F Wilson
Izak Wilkinson
Jeff BarstowBi person and Trans ally
JBi person and trans ally
Nicholas MorganBi Person
Anthony B.Bi person and Trans ally
SebwarBi person and trans ally
Emily A. FisherEmily A. Fisher
Bridget BowleyStraight cis female and Allie
Saul GomezBisexual volunteer/activist
Kira LabossiereBi Person
Rory MezaGynesexual genderfluid individual
Rowan MurphyBi person and trans ally
Simon Smith
İlayda ÖzdemirA Bi who is a Trans ally
MBi person and trans ally
Mia ShepherdBi person and trans ally
Javier Diaz-Nido
Lena Belle AveryWriter on gender, Transfemme, Bi ally
Amelia McDowellBisexual Cis Woman and Trans Ally
Janet Ní ShúilleabháinBi visibility activist & trans ally.
Hannah-Rose TristramGLOW Choir Brighton’s leader; Bi person, Trans Ally
Sam RundellBi person and Trans ally
Sarah LonsdaleVolunteer with Pride in STEM, and bi fiancée of a trans woman.
Emily DoveBi person and trans ally
Dr Milena Popovaauthor, bi and trans activist
Ashe DeanTrans person and Bi Ally
Hillery Phillip
Benjamin HowarthBi person and trans ally
Ian BlumenfeldBi person and trans ally
Joanna StevensBisexual+
Jost Migenda
Erin Golden
Meli BeeMomma Bear
Laura Duque NegrínBisexual and Trans women
Taylor Behnke
Maddie FursePansexual that supports Trans people
Jordi ReviriegoBi person and trans ally
Jordi ReviriegoBi person and trans ally
AsterBi person and trans ally (2 trans partners)
Andrew MilnesBi/pan person and trans ally
Dr Duc DauCoordinator, Bisexual+ Community Perth
Joshua FernandezBi person and trans ally
Holly LeeBi person
Shannon ApplebyBi person and Trans ally
Rowan O’BrienBi Person
Hanna JenkinBisexual Intersex indypunkoutsiderartist
Alanah ParkinBi person
Lilith Ball
Bethany DyckBisexual who’s down for world peace which obviously includes lgbtqiap+ rights
Megan AyresBi human, member of MBN and Trans ally
JoshBi person, trans ally, Treasurer of Melbourne Bisexual Network
Claire Lee
Dean MentjesBi person and trans ally
BridgetPan romantic non binary person
Karhryn WilsonBi & queer person, and trans ally
Bi-Trans AllianceBi-Trans Alliance
Bobby MossBi person and Trans ally
Gabriel Morales CasasAlly
Gerry McCaffertyBi person and Trans ally
Dawn RayBisociable Staffordshire
Joby Razzell HollisBisexual scientist
Sarah Rose McKenzieBisexual writer/advocate in regional Australia
William MooreBi person and Trans ally
Emma HickmanTransgender ally
Leopold LindelauffBi person and trans ally
Georgia LBi person and Trans ally
Molly AllmanBi person & trans ally
PhoebeBi person, trans ally
Ellen ReidCo-Founder, QUILT LK Ireland
Lori England
Paul Gordon
BNonbinary panromantic, ally of all
Ruth ScottBi person & trans ally
Amy HughesCis bi, trans ally
AmyBi person & Trans Ally ❤
RhondaBi person
Amy AndersonBi just tryna get by
Zdravko YordanovNon-Binary
Mark HendersonBi person
Monique Honeybird MizrahiHoneybird (Bi TGNC Artivist & Musician)
danielabi person who loves her trans friends ❤️
Leah TedescoPan/Bi, Genderfluid/Non-Binary/Trans
Emili StevensonCis bisexual woman and always trying to be the best ally I can be
RobinBisexual trans person
Asthar Gomez FrigolaBi and NB person
Grace McCarterBi person and trans ally
Katie Nicoll BainesNo person and Trans ally
Katie Nicoll BainesBi person and Trans ally (autocorrect changed Bi to No on my first signature!)
umut erdem
Emily JanuaryBi person and Trans ally
Rebecca AndrewsBisexual Psychotherapist
Zoe SandCis Bi ally
Richard FirthPansexual and trans ally
Bev RogersBi Woman and Trans Ally
Christine FustonTrans ally
Karen SuttonBi persob
Karen SuttobBi person
Mel ReeveWriter, archivist and creator of @bihistory
Libby Darbyshire-BrownCommitee member – Open University PLEXUS
Juliet Birkbeck
Rose JacksonBi cis female
Heron Greenesmith
Aileen McewanTrans ally
Alexandra Wald
Neil HuntingdonBi person and trans ally
Alex Bayly
Georgia BondyPan sexual trans ally
Laura RichmondBi person and trans ally
Libby Darbyshire-BrownCommitte Member – OU PLEXUS
Rikki Holt
AoifeBi person and Trans Ally
Amy LuettgenOrganizer: Bi+ Pride Milwaukee
Josh Phillips
EmilyBi person and trans ally
Amy LuettgenActivist/Organizer: Bi+ Pride Milwaukee
Rebecca Frederick
TanaBi person and Trans ally
Marta LupolettiBi person and Trans ally 💜
Chris HarrisonBisexual trans ally
Angie BTrans non-binary queer bisexual
Jennifer DeanBisexual and transgender activist
Ella Dawson-GortonBi person and trans ally ❤
Lynne PhillipsBi person